Allspan classic woodchips

ALLSPAN classic

ALLSPAN classic woodchips

ALLSPAN, which is the official supplier for various major events throughout Europe, has become the byword for clean horse litter.

The advantages of ALLSPAN classic:

  • 100% untreated softwood (spruce)
  • High spread volume per kilo
  • Highly absorbent
  • Technically dry
  • For hygienic stables
  • Elastic box bed; gentle on the joints
  • Most dust removed
  • Recommended for when horse suffers from respiratory conditions or allergies
  • Helps ensure healthy hooves
  • Controlled feeding
  • Less effort required
  • Lower dung volume


The product is made only from carefully-selected raw materials. These consist of 100% softwood, guaranteed untreated. ALLSPAN wood chips are made using a special production process. Our modern self-contained production plant is used to dry, sieve and remove dust from the raw material. This results in a product of extreme purity, with the consistent high quality that has won it so much international acclaim.

ALLSPAN Benefits:

Hoof Diseases

Hoof diseases

such as spavin and cancer of the hoof are often caused by insufficient stable hygiene. Dung, urine and other irritants attack the hoof tissue.

Skin inflammations

such as mallenders usually occur at the back of the pastern joint.

ALLSPAN wood chips offer great advantages in the prevention of hoof diseases and skin inflammation:

  • 100% natural product
  • Highly absorbent
  • Soaks up humidity
  • Horses feel comfortable and dry
  • Contains no foreign bodies or contaminants
  • The stable is kept in a hygienic state
  • The pH value is approximately 7.8
  • Excrement and urine can be removed in isolation
  • Prevents horses from contracting diseases
  • Horses undergoing treatment can be better cared for
Respiratory diseases

… and allergies can be caused by damp or dusty litter. Other common hazards include toxic fumes and ammonia. Even low concentrations can irritate the mucous membranes, respiratory tract and eyes. Inhalation of noxious fumes over a long period can damage a horse’s respiratory organs. Correct stable hygiene is thus an absolute must when it comes to the prevention of coughing and diseases of the larynx.

This is why ALLSPAN wood chips offer such advantages in the prevention of respiratory diseases:

  • Tests carried out at the University of Hohenheim (Germany): Natural purity of wood chips
  • Most dust removed
  • Guaranteed untreated wood
  • Contains no fungus spores or other vegetable matter
  • Usage is 100% controllable
  • Helps prevent respiratory conditions or allergies
  • Better care for horses undergoing treatment
  • A good stable climate promotes the horse’s sense of well-being
  • Hygienic stables
  • Targeted removal of droppings

Recommended use

The correct use of ALLSPAN litter permits the controlled consumption of wood chips, while optimising the hygienic care and well-being of the horse.

We recommend, with a box sized approx. 3.50 m x 3.50 m, the use of a base layer consisting of four to five bales (4 x 650l bales or 5 x 550l bales). This volume of litter is sufficient to give the horse a soft and comfortable bed. The wood chips should be spread to a depth of about 25 cm. The easiest way to open a bale of ALLSPAN is to make two crosswise knife slashes in its shrink-wrapping. The material can then be pulled easily out of the foil covering. Use a pitchfork to spread the wood chips. The bed of wood chips is initially very loose, but quickly turns into a compacted, dry layer under the weight of the horse. In the first few days, just remove all horse droppings. The most effective way to handle the ALLSPAN wood chips is to use a multi-prong pitchfork. Between five and seven days after spreading the base layer, use the pitchfork to remove any wet patches of material, then fill any empty spaces with dry chips from the edges. After about 10-14 days, and at approximately weekly intervals thereafter or as required, top up the existing layer with between a half and one bale of fresh litter in order to keep the box fresh and tidy.

Type description:


Raw materialUntreated softwood (spruce)
Dryness> 88 %
Bulk densityless than 45 kg/cbm
Sieve analysis > 0,5 mm more than 99 %

Packaging and delivery:

Weightapprox. 19 kg – 26 kg
Spread volumeapprox. 450 – 650 Liter
Pressed volumeapprox. 100 l, 130 l, 136 l
PackagingPressed into rectangular packs and shrink-wrapped in PE foil