ALLSPAN litter products are designed for

  • Hygiene in the stall
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Better yields
  • Faster growth

Our plants throughout Germany produce absorbent litter for use both with horses and pet animals and for commercial livestock. All our products, which are made of 100 % softwood, are characterised by their low dust content, high purity and excellent absorbency.

The latest tests carried out at the Institute for Hygiene and Product Safety in Kiel and at the University of Wuppertal (both in Germany) show that ALLSPAN litter products, when compared with other products of the same type, have the lowest levels of dust, fungal spores, bacterica and endotoxins (see test reports).

Our products are available in different granule sizes, and are packed to make them easy to handle and store. Our classic wood chips supplied in compressed bales, mini-chips (fine wood chips and sawmill waste) and sawmill waste are all designed to ensure maximum levels of indoor hygiene for your livestock.

The product ALLSPAN plusmed has been specially developed for use on dairy farms where there are existing problems with mastitis, or where there is danger of an outbreak occurring.

Classic wood chips

These hygienic softwood chips are ideal litter material for use in poultry keeping and in livestock and pig farming.

Type description

Raw materialUntreated softwood (100 %)
Dryness> 88 %
Bulk density< 45 kg/cbm Bulk density> 0,5 mm more than 99 %
Sieve analysis > 0,5 mm more than 99 %

Packaging and delivery

Gewichtca. 19 kg – 26 kg
Streuvolumen450 – 650 Liter
Pressvolumen100 l, 130 l, 136 l
Verpackunggepresst in rechteckige Ballen, verschweißt in PE-Folie

Mini wood chips

Mini wood chips are a mixture of coarse and fine wood chips. They are characterised by their low dust content, high effective surface coverage and high degree of dryness, which ensures maximum moisture absorption and odour neutralisation. The material adheres well to the floor surface and helps prevent slipping. The product can be used sparingly to permit selective mucking-out. Ideal applications include livestock transport and pig farming. Thanks to its low dust-content, the product can also be used in stables

Type description

Raw materialSoftwood (100 %)
Dryness> 88 %
Colourpale yellow
Piled densityapprox. 150 g/l
Sieve analysis > 1,25 mm min. 37 %
> 0,3 mm min. 97 %

Packaging and delivery

Weight16 – 18,5 kg
PackagingPressed into rectangular packs and shrink-wrapped in PE foil
Dimensions (LxWxH)75 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
Pressed volume60 l

Fine wood chips

This is a very fine-grain softwood product, which provides hygienic litter for use in the dairy-farming and pig-keeping sectors. The large effective surface coverage and high level of dryness of this material is revealed in its maximum absorbency and odour-neutralisation performance. The material adheres well to the floor surface and helps prevent slipping. The product can be used very sparingly.

Type description

Raw materialSoftwood (100 %)
Dryness> 88 %
Colourpale yellow
Piled densityaprox.. 150g/l
Sieve analysis > 1,25 mm min. 25 %
> 0,3 mm min. 90 %

Packaging and delivery

Weight18,5 kg
PackagingPressed into rectangular bales and shrink-wrapped in PE foil or vacuum-packed in sacks
Dimensions (LxWxH75 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
Pressed volume60 l shrink-wrapped bales or 90 l vacuum-packed sacks


We at ALLSPAN work constantly to improve the quality of our litter products. We do this by such measures as subjecting our raw materials to ever-stricter selection criteria and improved filter techniques. The objective of all this is to improve our products on an ongoing basis and optimise hygiene in the stable. For dairy farmers, ALLSPAN Plus Med is the tried and tested stall litter with anti-bacterial additive that ensures better stall hygiene and reduces the chances of livestock contracting mastitis. ALLSPAN Plus Med helps prevent the propagation of bacteria. This means better clear profits for the farmer. A high cell-count in dairy cows affects the taste of the milk that they produce. Dairy farms often receive lower payments for milk with a high cell-count. ALLSPAN Plus Med reduces the cell-count, thus improving milk quality and increasing the prices obtained.

ALLSPAN Plus Med » less mastitis » lower cell-counts » better milk

  • ALLSPAN supplies you with top-class, dry sawdust for use as stall litter. This is the best way to prevent klebsiella and mastitis
  • You can order sawdust litter in either vacuum-packed bags or bales. No veterinary inspection has ever detected the presence of klebsiella.
  • Keep bales in a dry place
  • Carefully spread the right quantity at the specified intervals. This reduces the danger of contamination due to excrement and saliva
  • If infection does occur, the stall should be completely mucked out.
  • Disinfect the stalls with a solution of formaldehyde.
  • Let the stalls dry out before spreading ALLSPAN Plus Med on the floor.
  • If a serious case of mastitis arises and no improvement is apparent, klebsiella may be present. Take a milk sample the next time inflammation of the udder occurs. Please ask your vet to send this to your local-authority veterinary service. This will ensure that the case is correctly investigated.

Press release

Boerderij, a farming journal published in the Netherlands, is in full agreement: “The use of the right sawdust litter, careful monitoring and an enclosed production system help the livestock farmer prevent klebsiella.”